The Ultimate Supply
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The Ultimate Supply and
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“What I learnt through the programme is how to resist FOMO, and not just resist it, but be able to MAKE MONEY with this trading strategy.” Lawrence from Singapore

The Ultimate Supply And Demand Course

Will help you to master:

How to read read Supply & Demand

How to find profitable trading setups

How to trade those trading setups like I do

How to manage your risk properly

How to use where the big buy & sell orders are

You will also be provided with ongoing mentoring until you understand the trading strategy. I have never left a student out

The Ultimate Supply And Demand Course

By becoming a member, you will receive not just trading education, but my personal Supply&Demand trading strategy. You will see the way I trade step by step and I will not hide anything along the way. I am sharing my strategy in great details and the trading videos will give you plenty of examples to understand the concept of supply and demand trading.

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What famous trading forum and websites

Are Saying About Supply
And Demand Course

“I have recently taken Colibri Trader's trading course and am super happy. It is simple to follow and he reveals a very good trading technique for minimizing losses and maximizing returns. True price action.”

Hedge Hedge

03 Dec At 18:55

“I have bought the Colibri Course back in May, since then I have reviewed it over 20 times. After studying it, it has kept me out of allot of bad trades that in it self if worth the cost of the course. There is a saying that goes like this, " you can give a winning system to two traders, one will make money with it while the other will lose money with it." Why do you think that is?


26 June At 05:09

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Sample videos from

The Course

See exactly how I use Supply and Demand zones and how I trade with them. What are the pivot levels, should we take a bullish or bearish position, how do I enter into new trades and how do I manage risk.

Profitable stories from

Our Students

«After taking your course and applying what I have learnt successfully is where the real proof lies in how the professional traders like you think. Being tenacious is certainly one of your qualities and very necessary in trading. It's nice to witness someone that has put it all together and accomplished what very few will ever achieve. Thank you so very much for this course!!!»


(one of the first traders who took this course before it went public)

«This is literally the only Supply and Demand course that has enough examples to really grasp the concept. It cuts out all the unnecessary and boring general information that other courses give. What it does emphasise on is 1) practicality and 2) rules for execution. A great source for the supply and demand trader. My performance has never been more consistent!!!»


(Profitable FX and Stocks trader using the Supply and Demand techniques learnt in this course)

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Recent Trades Based On the

Supply And Demand Course

Short trade on DAX wit closed P/L of +831 points!

Risk: Rewand on this trade was with an incredible 1:16 ratio

Long trade on Gold (XAUUSD) with closed P/L of 100 points.

RIsk: Reward ratio on this trade was close to 9

Short trade on GBP/USD with closed P/L of 750 pips.

RIsk: Reward ratio on this trade was 8!

Start learning today with my Ultimate Supply and Demand trading course. After enrolling you will gain access to my Supply and Demand trading strategies through an online course right away.

You will join an expanding community of supply and demand traders and an effective learning environment.

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“I think sometimes, we think we have to find a “HOLY GRAIL” type of trading strategy or a “MAGIC” strategy, when what I think I realized is that I wasn’t seeing PROFITABLE TRADING the way I should have until I started to go through this trading course...Thank you so much for putting me on the right track!” William from US

What Some Of The Most Influental Traders Online

are saying

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See the Ultimate Supply and Demand Course THROUGH THE EYES of Rahul

-one of our supply and demand course students (just 15 minutes of our telephone conversation)

Best Educational Article:

“Top 10 Chart Patterns Every Trader Should Know” by Colibri Trader.


How much support will I receive during the trading course?

As much as you need! I have never left anyone out and if there is one thing I pride myself with that is my unstoppable desire to help other traders.

Is the course for beginner or advanced traders?

It is better for the intermediate trader. I am not spending a lot of time explaining the basics, although I do cover some of them. I use more examples and the course will suit someone who wants to start trading using supply and demand zones and methods. In case you want a course that is targeting beginner to intermediate traders, you can check out my price action method.

Do I need any experience at all?

All you need is the desire to learn! I will provide you with the rest step-by-step.

Are there any other costs- hidden or recurring?

NONE! There are absolutely no extra costs or recurring charges.

How much time I need?

Although I would like to have a direct answer to this question, I don’t. It is different from one student to another. It also depends on how much time you are willing to put in studying. The good news is that once you learn my strategy, you won’t need to spend a lot of time in trading. In fact, a lot of my students have a regular job and they trade in their free time.

What makes your trading course different than others?

If I were to put two things down, that would be: 1) first my dedication to my students and 2) the personal experience you will receive first hand from a trader who has over a decade long experience and traded for two of the leading prop trading houses in London.

Learn How To

Profit With Supply And Demand Zones

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